Alumni Corner

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Everyone had, or has fears about high school. Mine were the common “What if I get lost or walk into the wrong room?” However, I did not have any doubts academically. White Pine provided me with more than sufficient knowledge and education. I grew mentally and socially at White Pine.

In the mental aspect, I had diligent teachers who wanted to be there. They all had fun teaching and liked what they were doing. Every once in a while, I felt overloaded with homework, but looking back, the knowledge I found has benefitted me greatly.

To share an experience, we were discussing the Code of Hammurabi in my Honors World History class. I found the code provocative and said so. More than half the class didn’t know what provocative meant. We spent a couple minutes going over the meaning and a young man turned around to face me and said, “You’re really smart. I wish I had gone to White Pine.”   I smiled and said I was glad I had gone. Mrs. Galyean also gave us “vocab. lists.”  I hated those things. They contained root words we use daily. I am taking Italian and found it helpful and useful (even though I hate to admit it, thank you for the vocab. lists, Mrs. Galyean!).

In the social aspect, I had to give a speech in my computer class. The two years I spent at White Pine, I had to give multiple speeches.  I was glad I had been given those social opportunities.  I also conversed more with the staff as I was in yearbook.  I was not afraid to talk to my new teachers here at Hillcrest High School.
White Pine has definitely prepared me for high school. My four years at Hillcrest, I feel, will be successful and fun. I’m so grateful I made the transfer from Sandcreek to WPCS. Oh, I never got lost, incase you happened to wonder, I had help when I needed it!

By: Sarah Schwarze
Graduating Class of 2008
White Pine Charter School