Our Charter School

When legislators moved to make charter schools a part of the choices offered to Idaho parents it was their intention that this could open doors for innovative and expanded learning opportunities for all children. This potential effect can be described in two ways. First, the effect that the learning opportunities will have on the specific students enrolled, and secondly , the effect that a successful charter school can have on other schools in the area, thus impacting all children.

At White Pine Charter School, we will provide a content rich curriculum through the Core Knowledge Sequence accomplished in a small school setting. This rigorous and broad curriculum will allow students to gain strong skills in the core subjects of reading, writing, and math develop a deep understanding in the areas of science and social studies. The basic premise of Core Knowledge is to build a background of knowledge beginning in the early years. A background that can later be drawn upon as students are asked to think more critically to analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and communicate. The school is dedicated to helping students become competent, confident, productive, and responsible young adults who possess the academic achievement, habits, skills, and attitudes to succeed in high school and be offered a post-secondary education and ultimately satisfying employment.

Teachers will be part of the educational process by actively engaging in the direction of the school. They will align curriculum balancing state standards and the Core Knowledge Sequence; they will learn and implement research based instructional strategies; and they will have time to review student data and plan for changes and interventions for the students in their classrooms. Time to learn and collaborate is the one factor that can have the greatest impact on professional growth.

Allowing for choice in the public school arena also brings the hope and the possibility that the success of charter schools could trigger reform in other public schools. White Pine Charter School has created an environment where learning opportunities have been expanded. The Core Knowledge Sequence has provided a rich and broad curriculum with the potential effect of challenging local schools to seek ways of providing a comparable program that challenges individual students to reach high goals. The lengthened day gives the staff the time to teach the full curriculum required to prepare our children for their futures.

White Pine desires to make a difference in the education of its students. The faculty, administration, and parents believe providing choice is a powerful tool for creating strong learning environments and for influencing education in general.

The LEA notifies parents in all participating schools that they may request information regarding the professional qualifications of students’ classroom teachers and paraprofessionals.