White Pine Charter School’s CHARTER

Updated as of 04/11/2013

Tab One Mission and Vision Statements

Tab Two Charter Information

Tab Three– Description of White Pine Charter School’s Educational Program and Goals (philosophy, curriculum, instructional methods, curriculum development, and approval), Alignment of Curriculum and Textbooks, Educational Programs and Services, Academic Freedom, Controversial Issues and Religion, Assessment, Core Philosophy, Educational Services, Services for LEP Students, Reporting Requirements, Accountability, and Assessment of LEP Students, Dual Enrollment

Tab Four Student Educational Standards, Monitoring Student Progress, Standardized Testing, Accreditation, Corrective Action

Tab Five– Governance Structure, Parental Involvement, Financial and Programmatic Audits, Dispute Resolution

Tab Six Employment Practices, Administration, Health and Safety, Employee Benefits, Employee Right of Return, Collective Bargaining, Written Contracts

Tab Seven Admission Procedures, Student Rights and Responsibilities, Alternative Enrollment, Enrollment Opportunities

Tab EightTransportation Services, School Lunch Program

Tab Nine- Virtual Public Charter School

Tab Ten Business Contract, Additional Petition Information, Dissolution of the Corporation